Deleting a user with auth0.js

I was looking through the documentation, but couldn’t find a method that I could use to delete a user through the auth0.js library.

Is this possible? Or will I have to do it another way?

I want to be able to give the user the ability to delete their profile. I’m storing some user info on my database and when they delete that data I want their Auth0 profile to be deleted as well.


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Sure you can do that! Here’s the doc for that:

Thanks for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

I checked out those docs. Is is one of these options in the management section:

  • delete:current_user_device_credentials
  • delete:current_user_metadata

The screenshot is from that doc:

Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 08.46.09

Could you please be a bit more explicit in how a user can delete themselves?

I create a new auth0.Management instance, but it only has 3 methods available to call:

  • getUser
  • patchUserMetadata
  • linkUser

Do I need to use one of these methods? If so it’s not clear in the docs how I’m meant to do this.

I couldn’t find a way to delete a user using the JS library. So I just deleted them using the node API as per this answer

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Perfect! Thanks for letting us know!