Delete from Management API not invoking Custom Database Delete method

We are using a Machine to Machine Application to call the delete_users_by_id Management API method via the Node Auth0 SDK.

The logs show a successful call to via the Management API but our Custom Database Delete method is never invoked.

This is what we see in the logs → [API Operation] Delete a user 7 minutes ago

Occurred 8 minutes ago at 2018-09-27 17:22:14.982 UTC
Operation API Operation
Description Delete a user
Endpoint DELETE /api/v2/users/**********************
Status 204
Channel api
Verified that the Application is configured to use our Custom Database.

Verified that the Delete rule executes correctly when using the “Try” button from the dashboard.

Any one have any ideas?

If anyone see this we discovered and solved the issue.

We had our Custom Database connection setup as a proxy. Our testers were trying to delete a user that had not logged into Auth0 yet even though the user existed in our back-end database. This caused a successful delete result from the API without actually deleting the user from our database.

Thanks a lot for sharing it with the rest of community!

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