Delete account (and adding dummy characters to remove error message that title needs 15 chars)

Found this post on account deletion. Account deletion - #3

But for some reason the conversation was deviated to a private channel of some sort? Why are the answers not public? Isn’t it what a community is about in the first place?

Anyway I’d love some help with deleting an account I created by mistake.

Hi @Dezrosiers,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand that you’d like some help with deleting your Auth0 account and wanted some clarity on the Account Deletion Process.

Firstly, the account deletion process is not something that can be done as a self-serve, and we typically move the conversation to a private message for additional verification.

Once that is complete, we can proceed with deleting your Auth0 Account.

Moreover, our How can I delete my Auth0 / Auth0 Community Forum account? FAQ documents this process.

With that said, we’re sad to see you leave and that you have decided to close your account altogether.

I will follow up with you via DM to obtain more information for your Delete Account request.

Thank you.

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