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Delegation endpoint deprecated


I have a problem with new tenant in Auth0, we have an application that was first created back in 2014 and it used the old legacy delegation endpoint. However we needed to create new Tenant in Auth0 for this application and now Auth0 is not supporting that delegation endpoint anymore. I see that it is deprecated and all docs refer that look here for migration guide but there isn’t any migration guides available. As it says here " This new architecture will be available in 2019 and once it becomes available, the /delegation endpoint will be officially deprecated." We use this delegation endpoint for refreshing tokens.

Here is the request to delegation endpoint:

 val request = ws.url(Play.application.configuration.getString("auth0.domain").getOrElse("") + "/delegation").withRequestTimeout(10000)
      .withHeaders("Content-Type" -> "application/json")

Can you help me on how to get this working again and what needs to be changed?


Hey there @jannu!

Thanks for reporting that. Let me ask internally what happened to this doc and where you can find the migration guide.

I’ll get back to you once i have more news to share!

I already informed our docs team about that. Once they get back to me with any info I’ll make sure to get it here!

Hey there!

Got a few words to add. Can you send me your tenant name via DM?

If you used to use that delegation endpoint you should transition toward a more modern flow. Can we transfer our chat to DM so you can explain me your usecase and then I will be able to potentially suggest you what your next steps should be.

Thank you!

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see my last message?