Delegation endpoint returns 404 "Not Found"

I’m trying to use Auth0 to get a token for users to access data in Salesforce and am currently testing it out using the Salesforce Sandbox API addon with the delegation endpoint.

I have setup the corresponding connected app in our Salesforce organisation and also enabled the addon with configuration in Auth0. The body of the request is as follows, as per the usage instructions:


However, the post endpoint ( only ever returns with a 404 error and the body text “Not Found”. Is there something I need to enable that I’ve missed?

Hi @duncan_bpm

As per this [doc] (, delegation endpoint is no longer supported.

You can also refer this doc for more info on delegation.

Please provide more details on your requirements to get better help from Auth0 experts (me not being one :slight_smile: ).


Now we are in 2019, but afaik the salesforce addon still refers to the delegation api.
How should we approach this use-case in the current state of things?

To be clear, the use case is to “exchange” the auth0 token for a Salesforce access token, which can the be used to communicate with the salesforce APIs.

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Can someone please comment on why there is documentation in the UI that specifically tells you how to implement something that no longer works?

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