Datas of dashboard's user management

I would like to know more about the individual view (dashboard/jp/dev-/users/**) of the dashboard’s user management.

Question 1
There seems to be a difference between the contents of Details and Raw JSON. For example, the Metadata that is in Details is not in Raw JSON, and guardian_authenticators that is not in Details is in Raw JSON.Why are they not the same?

Question 2
What is the use of blocked_for? Can you give me a concrete example of what kind of data.

Question 3
What is the use of “guardian_authenticators” in Raw JSON? Can you give me an example of what kind of data.

Hi @yfujita,

The metadata in Details and the metadata in the Raw JSON, should match. Same with the MFA factors/Guardian Authenticators. Could you please share an example of what you are seeing?

Here is what I see:

This field is used by our attack protection features. You can see an example of the content in this thread.

This field is your user’s MFA factors. There is an example in the screenshot above.

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I have confirmed that when I put a value in Metadata, it is reflected in Raw JSON.
if Metadata on the Detail side is empty, nothing is output to Raw JSON.
I understand the others as well.
Thank you.

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Great! Let us know if you run into anything else.