Datadog SSO Assertion could not be validated

Hello, I’m trying to integrate datadog SSO SP-initiated following this doc Configure Datadog as SAML Service Provider.
From datadog SSO url I’m redirected to authO and log successfully (on auth0 step) however when redirected on Datadog, I receive error:
" SAML Error
Assertion could not be validated"

Thank you for any support ^^

Per what you describe the error originates within Datadog so even if the cause is in the Auth0 configuration any additional information that might assist with finding the root cause will likely be located in Datadog.

Besides the error message that (assuming in the user interface) do you have access to additional logs that could possibly be more explicit about the cause?

Without more explicit logs I would recommend that you configured the correct certificate in Datadog as that could possibly explain the error. Another possibility is that Auth0 may not be configured to send all the necessary data or the values that Datadog expects.