Datadog Log Stream 'success_silent_auth' Event Missing '' Property

Problem statement

With Datadog Log Stream configured in an Auth0 tenant, most all of the events streamed to Datadog such as ‘Successful exchange of Refresh Token for Access Token’ contain an ‘’ property. The ‘success_silent_auth’ event which doesn’t include the ‘’ property. This article explains whether it is possible to also add the ‘’ property to the ‘success_silent_auth’ events.


Datadog automatically maps the Auth0 event type code to ‘’ and is not set by Auth0 explicitly. Please review Analyze and audit Auth0 activity for more information.


Auth0 does not send the ‘’ string, rather this occurs once the logs have been streamed to Datadog where they are processed further. Since this is maintained by Datadog, the recommendation is to reach out to their Support Team to provide assistance and feedback.