Datadog gets no logs for ~8 hours every day

I have set up DD and auth0 with the default setting. Looking at the logs in DD there is a ~8-hour gap every day. The logs stop at about 15:00-17:00 and then start again every day at 03:00. Why is this?

Hi @ldewey,
When you log into the Auth0 dashboard during this timeframe (17:00-03:00) do you see any logs (in Log Search)? and how long have you experiences this issue?

There are logs in the auth0 log search and I experienced this issue from when we started using datadog on 13th Nov.

hey @ldewey
Is this issue still occurring?
If so, can you share your email address for me to reach out directly to get more information?

@yoav This has been solved, DD was dropping logs over X amount. I have reduced the amount of log coming from auth0 and increased the number of logs we can track. Thank you.