Database Connections, Password Authentication: Change Password Strength UI to reflect recent best practice

Feature: For Database Connections using Password Authentication, change Password Strength UI to reflect recent best practice.

The current Password Strength UI can be found at Database Connections > Username-Password-Authentication > Password. It looks like:

The Strength slider labels password characteristics as Excellent, Good, Fair, Low, or None. However, this presentation does not match recent best practice. In fact, the “Implement Proper Password Strength Controls” link (on the left) only identifies length as textual characteristic of strong passwords. (Using different casing, numbers, or special characters can increase password strength but is not currently recommended because of human brains.)

(There is lots of reference materials and commentary on this topic available, which you are probably already aware of, so I will write no more on it.)

Instead, I recommend changing the slider to checkboxes (or similar), allowing the user to select any combination of password requirements. For example:
(FYI, do NOT depend on me for UI design. :rofl: )

The strength labels would be determined by combining the various selections and inputs. For example, the length input would produce Good for 12 and Excellent for 15.

There are probably other UI and logical approaches which are as good or better; the key is changing the current, perhaps misleading, guidance inherent in the UI.

The developer / development team is integrating auth into a new application, and they are relatively new to or unopinionated about security practices. The application does not have pre-existing security requirements, such as might be found in a regulated domain or company-wide security policy. They want to create a modern application experience and have Auth0 guide their implementation to meet that goal.