Database action script not invoked after successful login in another browser tab

Hi there,

I encountered something really weird with one of out auth0 application.


  • Complete the user login in one browser tab via the custom login screen, and,
  • Open another tab and try login again, the custom login screen (username and password) isn’t shown and the user is automatically signed in.

I have step through the web-auth/index.js. It is hitting the line with the correct URL: windowHelper.redirect(this.client.buildAuthorizeUrl(params));
But the actual login script is not invoked.

From the auth0 log, the database login action script isn’t invoked at all. Also, it is happening in all browsers but it is not happening in incognito mode. This is happening in only one of our auth0 applications (we have application per environment).

If this is auth0 configuration, is there a way I can turn it off. If it is not configuration, can you point to me a direction where I can have this issue resolved?


Hey there @cxu, to dive into this further I would like to start with a HAR file capture of what may be going on during the problematic workflow. Then could you please DM that over to me with the tenant name. From there we can figure out what may be going on during a successful login. Please let me know if you have any additional questions on this subject. Thanks!