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The data for past week in the dashboard - showing the login activity (color coded) boxes is not populating what is this resulting from and how can it be fixed?

Hey there @alexbottom, I was able to confirm no outages and all statuses are operational at this time. Are you experiencing this for one specific tenant or all of your tenants? Thanks in advance.

i can send you a screenshot if you’d like, there is now support ticket in.

After looking at your support ticket it appears we have one of our Engineers already actively working on this case with you. To not duplicate effort across the teams, we will keep the support ticket as the active branch for this hurdle. For historical sake of the thread however, I will share that this is currently a visual bug in the Dashboard and support center and our engineering team is further investigating this error. Thank you.

I’m currently experiencing this issue in one of my tenants as well. Should I open a support ticket or will this be fixed for all users/tenants by the ongoing efforts to resolve the issue?

@ashaver once fixed it should resolve it for everyone across the board. This issue is actively being investigated. Thank you.


this is still an issue… is there a timeline?

It is not fixed yet. Has been a problem since the outage of Nov 27/29. My tenants show the same issue.

This is still being investigated and reviewed by our development team. There currently isn’t an ETA on a resolution but is being actively pursued. I apologize for the delay and as soon as I have more details on this hurdle, I will be sure to share.

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This is also a big issue for us. Can you guys prioritize this?

I wanted to touchbase and let everyone know this is still being actively investigated. I will continue to post as success occurs towards a solution. Thank you.


thank you we need this asap

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Looks like it is working again! Ty


yes working for me now as well… thank you for fixing

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I wanted to follow up and relay that I have received official word that this issue has been resolved. In the event you may still be exhibiting issues in your dashboard related to this please let me know. Thank you.

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