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Login dashboard displays 'no data' for last 2 weeks



On the admin dashboard it currently shows ‘no data’ for the last two weeks instead of zero user logins. The summary stats beneath that also different from number of registers / logins in the week.


Is anyone else having this issue?


@auth0.gmc Can you provide the following details for me to investigate:

  • What region is your Auth0 tenant (US, EU, AU)?
  • Can you perform a test login/sign up and see whether the stats update.
  • Do you see any entries in the Logs section of the Dashboard?


Hi Prashant,
![alt text][1]
I’ve attached a screenshot of the dashboards and what it’s displaying. We have an AU account.
In the latest login section can see there have been a few in the last 24 hours but both the login activity calendar and the stats of logins/ registers last 7 days aren’t updating.

We removed some users from auth0 and deleted them from the database recently - could this have had any impact? Though when we checked another dev account of Auth0 it was having same trouble.

Thanks for your help.



Hi Prashant,

Please see screenshot/ reply below.



I have this issue as well. It started around a month and a half ago for me. Exact same behavior: logs show logins, “latest logins” is accurate, and yet the heatmap shows “no data” for the past two months. What could be causing this?