Activity Dashboard not working at all?

Since the start we didn’t see any activities on the Activity Dashboard. Only the total user is correct.

Should we need to setup something to make this work ?
Can you help us to make this monitoring works ?

See pictures, we the graph are not push with data where logs are here.


Hey there!

When did you create your account and when could the first activity happened? This dashboard syncs from time to time it’s not live so that’s why you can think that it’s delay or lagged from time to time.


We create the account about last year (in October). We have actually 3 tenants.
1 for developments we use since then.
1 that we aren’t able to delete ??
1 for production that we create few weeks ago and we paid with the subscription “B2C essential”.

What is funny is that I just log in this morning and now I have the plot showing me something … A bit strange.

Question then => how often it’s refreshing, if it’s time to time ?

I just followed up on that with the team. You also need to remember that you have different activity reports for each tenant

Alright got a confirmation from the team that the Activity Page data gets refreshed every 12-24 hours

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Ok thanks for your feedback. I will see how it goes and if I don’t see activities after more than 2 days I will re-open this or create a new post.

Sure! Thank you a lot!

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