Customizing the "add user" form

In Okta, there is an option to add fields to the “create user” form and I would like to know how to do so in Auth0.
For example, we need to add a “is manager” select option to the form, that will restrict the user to only read and write to a specific data set (“roles” isn’t the solution were looking for), but in the near future I would like to add more fields, free text, numbers-only, etc.

Please help, I need an answer in a time frame of one week.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @techtools,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

To confirm, you are asking how to add additional fields in the Dashboard’s create user form. This isn’t something we currently offer, but you can create a Feature Request.

The alternative I can recommend would be to use the management API and create your own UI.

Just a friendly reminder, if you have urgent or time-sensitive requests you may want to consider creating a support ticket. This service is included with all paid plans. :smile: