Customizing Breached Password Error Message in Auth0


When a potential security issue has been detected with a user’s account, triggering the breached password protection feature in Auth0., the following error message is displayed:

We have detected a potential security issue with this account. To protect your accounts, we have prevented this login.
Please reset your password to proceed.

However, the screen does not provide a direct option to Reset Password . Instead, only a Forgot Password link is available.

Users may find this confusing as they are instructed to reset their password but do not see a straightforward way to do so. The objective is to customize the error message to instruct users to use the Forgot Password link to reset their password.


To customize the password-breached message in Auth0, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Auth0 Dashboard: Log in to the Auth0 account and navigate to the Dashboard.
  2. Go to Branding: In the left-hand menu, select Branding and then click on Universal Login.
  3. Open Advanced Options: Within the Universal Login page, find and click on the Advanced Options.
  4. Navigate to Custom Text: Click on the Custom Text tab to access the customizable text fields.
  5. Select the Appropriate Prompt: From the dropdown menu labeled Prompt, choose login-id or login (It depends if the Identifier first option is used).
  6. Modify the Breached-Password Message: Scroll down to the password-breached section. Edit the text to advise users to use the Forgot Password option to reset their password.
  7. Save the Changes: After making the necessary changes, click on Save Changes to apply the new message.