Customize the Forgot Password page


We use the New Universal Login Experience. Can we update the Forgot Password page to help the user who is not in the Auth0 database understand this and redirect them to the Sign up page?
So, If the user’s email is NOT in the database, then we want to:

  1. Change the messaging to “We did not find an account with this email. Create your XXX account before logging in.”
  2. Change the button to: “Create an Account” which takes the user to the signup page

Can we implement this flow and how?

Hi @tetiana.b ,

It’s not recommended to provide feedback to the user whether or not their account actually exists since this could allow an attacker to take advantage of this information.
Instead, you could look at changing the wording in the Auth0 prompt to help provide instructions and next steps.
So you could look to change the prompt text - Custom Text.
Or you could even go one step further and provide a link back to the signup page by using a Custom Page Template. With a Page template you could have some logic that only shows the messaging and link on the change password prompt, and you could implement the messaging and link in the page footer as an example.

Hope this information helps!

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