Customize new universal login page

Is it possible to perfom these customization:

We don’t want the application name under the logo as the logo is a text logo it becomes very redundant, the same goes for the “Sign Up” header, we also think this is a bit unnecessary as the both the tab says sign up and the big blue button says sign up. So we would like to get rid of these if possible?

Also… is it possible to turn off sign in/up with google? It’s very important that our clients sign up with the email they we got from them, and not some random identity provider or other email. So if this could be turned off that would be great :slight_smile:

Last question; is it possible to add a link to our own hosted privacy policy next to the sign up terms.

I realize there were an almost identical question asked today just 5 hours ago here: Can New Universal Login social login position changed? but it was closed very quickly so I didn’t get the chance to continuing that thread with my question.

If possible, where/how do I do this? If this is not possible, would I have to use the classic login page instead, would it then be possible ?


Hey there @rasmus1!

With the New Universal Login unfortunately it’s not possible to customise it like that. Our engineers when they were designing the new experience have a core thought in mind to make the New One more light-weight than the classic one but at the cost of decreasing the customisation options. If you want to achieve those you will need to use the classic version. Thanks!

Okay great, thanks! I was almost expecting this answer due to the similarity in the question someone asked earlier today. Just needed to be sure :wink:

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Yep I also thought you would look at that one cause I answered that :smiley: Never mind now you know! :slight_smile:

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