Custom Social Identity - ERR ECONNRESET on /authorize/resume

Whiles using a custom social identity setup. I have the following things in place:

  1. Authorize Endpoint: https://{my-custom-oauth2-endpoint}/oauth/authorize
  2. Token Endpoint: https://{my-custom-oauth2-endpoint}/aouth/token
  3. A random client id and secret (for testing purposes since I built the OAuth2 side)
  4. Custom Social Identity Login associated to my app
  5. In single page app I have added the following additional authorizationParams: connection, code_challenge, code_challenge_method, prompt, redirect_uri, response_type (code), scope

Upon authenticating I am redirected to my endpoint, allowed through to OAuth2 service and I respond on the server side with the following response:
{ body: “”, headers: { Location: https://{my-app-domain}/login/callback?code={random code}&state={exact-state-string-generated-by-auth0} }, statusCode: 302 }

The user is then redirected to https://{my-app-domain}/authorize/resume?state={some-other-state-not-sure}. I believe this is a caching layer on Auth0 side to reduce number of round trips to OAuth2 endpoint?

This is the point where the error is occuring. From the /authorize/resume path another 302 redirect happens but this time its a http://localhost:3000?error=invalid_request&error_description=Error%3A%20read%20ECONNRESET&state={string}

I have looked in the logs for my tenant but there isn’t any “actionable” details their and typically there isn’t in my experience. A lot of reference ids with little to no context. I am hoping someone in the community or from Auth0 can assist with this. Have spent the last week trying every combination of query string param return in the /login/callback 302 return I could think of. Nothing seems to be working.