Custom SMS Gateway JWT Invalid


Have been following all the examples for setting up a custom sms gateway with the AWS API Gateway, however I am getting stuck at the implementation of a custom authorizor for the API Gateway.

Gateway authentication settings are set as below,

"gateway_authentication": {
            "method": "bearer",
            "subject": "*****@clients",
            "audience": "SAME AS TOKEN",
            "secret": "SECRET retrieved from api : https://{DOMAIN}/api/v2/keys/signing",
            "secret_base64_encoded": false

However I see that I cannot authorize with the custom authorizer since there is a different issuer for the token. I see that the token that Auth0 provides has ‘Auth0’ as the issuer while in my authorizer I have set it up as my https://{DOMAIN}/ as the issuer.

Could i verify what is the correct fields to use for both the authorizer’s env and the gateway_authentication config?


I see the token issued by Auth0’s custom sms gateway is missing a kid field as well, perhaps that is a cause for the error as well