Custom SMS Gateway for Passwordless Connections

Im getting all my connections and i trying to update my SMS gateway for passwordless connections, accordingly the Tutorial, but Infobip(my SMS provider) needs that i authenticate via API key header method. There are any away that i can authenticate my SMS provider with API key header method ?

Something like that:

"gateway_authentication": {
    "method": "API_key",
    "key": "003026bbc133714df1834b8638bb496e-8f4b3d9a-e931-478d-a994-28a725159ab9",

The result should be like that:

Authorization: App 003026bbc133714df1834b8638bb496e-8f4b3d9a-e931-478d-a994-28a725159ab9

Hi Bruno
Were you able to resolve this? I’m in a similar situation and wondering if Infobip can be integrated with Auth0 for passwordless without writing custom lambda as proxy.