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hey, I have a question and I need your help to archive this task, at the moment I am using angular as the frontend and mysql database as the backend. what I need is to the additional data from the user such as address, data of birth, telephone no (custom fields) which I need to save with the user id. so that when ever a user logins I can retrieve the above fields and use in the UI. I need to know whether I can add custom fields to the register in the auth0 register page and store with the userid.

when doing it with mysql it’s super easy, what I do is create a custom register form with relevant fields and after submit the data will be inserted to the table with an auto generated ID

but I feel auth0 is much more secure when comes to validation and it’s easy :stuck_out_tongue:
how to achieve this task, please guide me

Hi @Krisslk,

There are a few different ways that you can collect additional profile data:

  • If you are using Classing Universal Login, you can add additionalSignupFields to the Lock Configuration Options. You update this in the Auth0 Dashboard by going to Branding > Universal Login and going to the Login tab. Enable Customize Login Page and select Lock from the DEFAULT TEMPLATES dropdown. Finally, add the additionalSignupField object to the configs:
var options = {
    // other options
    additionalSignUpFields: [
            name: "first_name",
            placeholder: "Enter Your First Name"
            type: "select",
            name: "location",
            placeholder: "Choose your location",
            options: [
                {value: "us", label: "United States"},
                {value: "fr", label: "France"},
                {value: "ar", label: "Argentina"}
            // The following properties are optional
            icon: "",
            prefill: "us"

var lock = new Auth0Lock('clientid', 'domain', options);

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