Custom login for a user part of an organization redirecting back to same login page

@auth0/auth0-react”: “^1.10.2”
“auth0-js”: “^9.19.0”

I am using custom login page to login into my application. But somehow the redirection is happening to the same login page. This happens when organization is passed along with the request. Otherwise it works fine.

Request URL:
Payload: {
“client_id”: “client_id”,
“redirect_uri”: “http://localhost:9030”,
“tenant”: “tenant_name”,
“response_type”: “code”,
“_csrf”: “csrf”,
“state”: “state”,
“_intstate”: “deprecated”,
“organization”: “org_id”,
“username”: “username”,
“password”: “password”,
“connection”: “Username-Password-Authentication”

After this call, is fired and then the /authorize/resume?state call and finally /login?state call.

I am not sure if I have missed something while setting up the application.
If anyone has faced the same issue or know what to do, could you please me out here?