I have to type organization two times sometimes after kicked out to login prompt

sometimes I have to type organization two times on re-login screen

We’re using

  • nextjs-auth0
  • universal login
  • AUTH0_SESSION_AUTO_SAVE: false (disable extending stateless session)
  • running poller calling checkSession repeatedly so users go to re-login screen after 2 hours

So, after I’m kicked out after 2 hours,
In re-login screen, asking organization name, sometimes it redirects to the organization name screen again. When it happens, I observed network debug, it goes like the following (when it occurs)

(I type my organization)
network debug tab

  1. organization?state=xxx → 302
  2. login?iss= → 302
  3. authorize?client_id=xxx → 302
  4. organization?state=NEW_xxx → 200
    (I come back to the organization prompt, and type again then pass)

It seems to happen when I stayed in the re-login screen too long time. and sounds like there is something related to the cookies.
So I suspected it’s sometimes to do with “inactivity timeout” setting in my tenant. But I’m not really sure what exactly is happening here. Any advice?