Custom login for a third-party application

My colleagues and I have a single-page application using the authorization code flow and a custom login page. Now we are trying to set up a third party application to authenticate using the authentication code flow, but we’d prefer to keep our existing login experience. Is it possible to use a custom login page with a third-party auth-code based flow or is it necessary to use Universal Login?

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Thanks for the response. Do you know how I can configure this?

Not sure if I understand you correctly but I guess this FAQ will answer your question:

@konrad.sopala thanks for the reply. I am on the same team as Rich and Nick above, so I thought I would chime in and try my take at explaining.

We have a custom login page already and have been using it successfully. We use the authentication API as your linked answer explains.

The problem is that we are beginning to add support for third-party OAuth applications. In our experimentation, we discovered that when an OAuth application needs consent ( and the user is not logged in, they are taken to the Auth0 login page instead of our own. How can we send them to our existing login page?

Got it! Let me dive into that and get back to you soon!

Hi @konrad.sopala, just wanted to bring this back on your radar to see if you’ve discovered anything yet. Thanks!

@konrad.sopala checking again - were you able to discover anything here? Thanks again.