Custom domain redirects to "Not Found"

We have configured custom domain to our auth0 account.

When we try to hit url
it redirects to “Not Found”, verify below screenshot


Is there any way to configure and redirect to Login screen of web application?

Please guide.

Hi there @vijay.tanavade, our Custom Domain documentation I have listed below dives into the paid tier feature of Custom Domains. I would recommend giving this a peek and in the event it doesn’t solve your issue, please capture us a HAR file and direct message it over to me so I can dive in deeper in what may be going. Please include your tenant name and be sure to select the Preserve log option when capturing the HAR of the broken workflow. Thanks!

Thanks for reply. (Edited by Community admin)

Thanks for grabbing those details for us @vijay.tanavade. I have edited your previous message to exclude sensitive information. Once I look over these findings and have a conclusion I will be sure to share!

After looking at the HAR file I can see it’s not linking up to Auth0 for login currently. You don’t see it occur at all in the requests. I am also not seeing your tenant at all, can you please DM that to me so I can take a deeper look at the configuration from a dashboard standpoint? Thanks in advance!

I sent you a DM requesting more details, when you get a chance please give that a look. Thanks!

I wanted to follow up after our last conversation and see how things are running on the custom domain front? When reviewing that specific Client ID it appears to be setup correctly. Thank you in advance.

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