Custom db user does not appear/cannot be queried in the DAE users listing

We have a client app that is connected to a custom database. The action scripts implemented for the custom database uses APIs to “talk” to the actual user store/repository (we cannot create an enterprise connection to it as a matter of security). This setup works as expected.

If a user from the custom db has logged in successfully in to the client app, then they would appear in the DAE users listing. Conversely, for users who have never logged in, or have had failed logins (which shows up in the logs), they do not appear in the DAE users listing. How can we query the second set of users in DAE (i.e, users who are in the custom db who have never logged in or have had failed logins). Querying these users in the AUth0 management portal also returns no results.

Any help/advise will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Nick,

This is expected behaviour. Auth0 has no knowledge of the users that haven’t attempted sign-in yet. For those users I’d suggest use any existing support tool and not DAE.

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Thanks for helping on this one Amin!

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