Custom Auth0 password reset flow

(TLDR : not able to find password reset ticket validation API from Auth0)

I am trying to implement a custom password reset flow (using email ticket) with Auth0 in python Django.
instead of redirecting to Auth0 from password reset ticket email of the user, The url will be a deep-link to my own native app, I am calling an internal API with the ticket as a param from the app. I am trying to verify the ticket in the internal API to identify which user is trying to reset the password. but i am not able to find an Auth0 api to validate the ticket.

Is there an api to validate the ticket or should i be doing something else to implement the custom flow ?

Hi @yehya.usman,

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There is no endpoint that does what you are suggesting.

If you wanted to reset the user’s password you can do so via the Management API /users endpoints and are responsible for setting up emails and verifying the user’s identity etc.

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