Retrieve user ID from password reset ticket


Is it possible to retrieve user details or auth0 user id using the password reset url ticket it?

I need to customize the password reset screen. So after entering the new password and confirm password, I would like to call the management api to reset the password("/api/v2/users/USER_ID") as the state param is not available while customizing the page. But the management api needs auth0 user id to update the password. Is there any way to get the auth0 user id using the password ticket?

Hey there!

Let me research that for you and get back to you soon with the news!

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I shadowed our docs and unfortunately there doesn’t seems to be a way for it as Create a password change ticket endpoint from our Management API (!/Tickets/post_password_change) needs userID.

In this doc you’ll have all the options for resetting users’ passwords as well as links to all the customisation options regarding that flow:

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