Credential Guard Now Available

Credential Guard Now Available

Auth0 customers in public cloud can now enable Credential Guard, a new security feature that protects their users from password theft. Credential Guard augments Auth0’s automated breached password detection feature, mitigating worldwide data breaches sooner, often before they’re made public. The new Enterprise add-on reduces the risk of data breaches to your application by up to 80%.

Credential Guard:

  • Exposes more than ten times the data breaches
  • Reveals breached credentials more quickly
  • Increases global coverage by adding data feeds for passwords in non-Roman characters

Credential Guard protects applications and users from account takeovers by providing actionable intelligence on passwords exposed in a data breach. If a user’s credentials have been exposed, customers can alert the user about their compromised password, challenge the user by requiring an additional factor, or block access by forcing a password reset. This Enterprise add-on reduces the risk of data breaches by up to 80%. Credential Guard helps companies eliminate the costs associated with account takeovers, while also protecting their users’ accounts.


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Trying to prove a negative is really pretty difficult when determining if it stopped an attack. It very clearly prevents specific classes of attacks dead in their tracks, and that implies it has to be effective. We know certain well known attacks that have occurred publicly over the last few years would have been non-events with Credential Guard turned on.