About the specifications of the "Breached Password Detection" feature

Hi Auth0 community,

  • I am Japanese and I am not good at English, so I also write in Japanese.

We would greatly appreciate your assistance in answering the following questions related to the “Breached Password Detection” feature.

  • Is it possible to utilize an asynchronous Authentication API to check for compromised passwords prior to user registration? We intend to implement a system where the signup button will be disabled if the entered password is determined to be compromised through this API, before the user submits their registration.
  • Can we configure the auth0 such that, even if a password is detected to be compromised during sign-in or sign-up, access is not blocked and the user can continue to use their existing credentials without the need to change their password?
  • In addition to detecting compromised passwords during sign-up and sign-in, does the Breached Password Detection feature also check for password changes?

  • サインアップの前に、事前に「Breached Password Detection」に検出されるかどうかをチェックする Authentication API はありますか?
  • サインイン、サインアップ時に「Breached Password Detection」に検出された後でも完全にブロックはせず、パスワードを変更しなくても同じ資格情報を使い続けることができるように設定することはできますか?
  • 「Breached Password Detection」はサインアップ、サインインの他にパスワード変更の場合でも検出しますか?