Converting a rule to an action, how to deal with `user.impersonated`?

Problem statement

I’m converting a rule into an Action, and in the rule, we have the line user.impersonated. I can’t find documentation on this anywhere in the rule, user, or action/event/user documentation. The individuals who originally wrote this are long gone, so I can’t ask them either. Could you provide any additional information on this “impersonated” attribute and confirm if it exists in an action as event.user.impersonated?


The ‘user.impersonated’ value is a boolean that was used to distinguish between real logins and impersonation logins. It should be noted that the Impersonation flow was deprecated in 2018 and is no longer available to new tenants.

Unfortunately, as this feature has been deprecated for a significant amount of time, there currently isn’t any attribute in Actions that returns this information.