Post-login event object is missing several of the user fields

While trying to migrate an application to use Actions, I noticed that the list of user fields in the post-login event doesn’t include all of the fields shown on the User Details page under User Management within the Dashboard.

For Actions, it seems that the event.user fields are limited to the fields here: Actions Triggers: post-login - Event Object

However, the User Details in my application includes additional fields that come from a SAML Identity Provider, for example issuer, and urn:mace:dir:attribute-def:...
. They are accessible from the user object within Rules but I understand support for Rules is ending soon.

How can I access these user fields within the recommended Action approach? I need to add them to the access/ID token on login.

Hi @matt.dietrich,

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Unfortunately, we do not currently support SAML IdP root-user attributes in Actions. The SAML Assertion attributes mapped to the root user are currently only supported using Rules.

Our Engineers will be working on adding this feature in the future into Actions, including all the feature gaps between Rules and Actions, but we do not have any ETA as to when it will be available.

I understand that you might be concerned about Rules being deprecated and needing to migrate over into Actions. But, I would like to reassure you that migration strategies will be in place before Rules is fully deprecated.

For now, I can confirm that it’s safe to continue using Rules until the time comes for the migration. By which point, you should have ample time to convert your Rules into Actions with the provided migration strategies.

Please let me know there are any further questions. I’d be happy to help.

Thank you.

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