Actions event.user object appears to be missing an attribute

Problem Statement

I am looking to include the "family_Name" attribute from an external SAML identity provider, but I have noticed that, even though this value appears to be on the Auth0 profile, it does not appear in the event.user object in Actions. What am I missing?


The Auth0 Root Profile attributes are case sensitive, therefore, the "family_Name" attribute is not treated as an Auth0 root profile attribute but rather as an IdP profile attribute.

At the moment, one of the limitations with Actions is that only the Auth0 root profile attributes will appear on the event.user object.


The user object for users from the SAML Identity Provide Connection has "family_Name" with a capital ā€˜Nā€™ as the attribute name.


The recommended solution is to rename the attribute to "family_name" on the IdP side. This way, the attribute can be assigned to the "family_name" of the Auth0 root profile and then become available in Actions.