Consent required error when it was already given

I have angular app that I have intergrated with auth0

I have set up a social intergation of google which I have gotten keys ( I am not using test keys)

I log in to my angular app and I get the consent screen, to which I accept.

I then attempt to take an action that I have listed in my allowedList in the httpInterceptor and I get an error of

Consent Required:


my code:


      domain: environment.auth0_domain,
      clientId: environment.auth0_client_id,
      redirectUri: window.location.origin,
      audience: '',

      // The AuthHttpInterceptor configuration
      httpInterceptor: {
        allowedList: [
            uri: '',
            tokenOptions: {
              audience: ''


  providers: [Addemailtomarketinglistservice,
    { provide: HTTP_INTERCEPTORS, useClass: AuthHttpInterceptor, multi: true },
    {provide: RECAPTCHA_V3_SITE_KEY, useValue: environment.recaptcha_site_key },
  Googlerecaptchaservice, AuthService, HidecomponentService, S3Service],
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]

I was running into this as well. The thing I found was to turn off the Skip Consent on your api settings. I think there is clearly a bug or some sort of issue when trying to use a localhost url while that option is on.