Connection node is empty or non-existent


I’m implementing an application using multiple SAML connections to another Auth0 tenant, which manages the connection to other external IDP’s. We are also using the Universal Login.
Logging in with any of the external IDP’s (Azure/Internal system) works fine when passing in the connection of that IDP to ‘preselect’ it.

The problem arises when I do not. At that point I get the Universal login modal with my various IDP’s as options. This is also correct. Only when using any one of them, I receive the following error within my application:
OpenIdConnectProtocolException: Message contains error: ‘access_denied’, error_description: ‘Connection node is empty or non-existent’, error_uri: ‘error_uri is null’.
This error is returned from Auth0.

Any idea what the cause of an error like this can be?
When prefilling the connection it is working fine. Something in the use of the Universal login is going wrong, but I do not know what exactly. There is no additional configuration necessary as far as Im aware.



Turns out this error was caused by a variable used in the action I build not coming back in the same part of the token I received in certain cases, which led to this error. Auth0 support helped us figure this out, so thanks for the help!

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