Connecting to Microsoft Azure Active Directory using certificate credentials


I created a connection to Microsoft Azure Active Directory following the docs (Connect Your App to Microsoft Azure Active Directory) using Client ID and Client Secret.

However, the Microsoft documentation discourages the use of Client Secrets for production applications. The recommended way is using a certificate/public key (Quickstart: Register an app in the Microsoft identity platform - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn)

  • Is it currently possible to create the connection using a certificate (Sorry if I missed it in the docs)?
  • Is this on the roadmap or are we limited to Client Secret?

Hi @Eric9,

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It isn’t possible at the moment. Let me reach out to our team and I’ll get an update for you. Thanks!

Hi @dan.woda ,

thank you for checking with the team! Looking forward to your response!

Dear @dan.woda ,

did you have the change to reach out to your team? To give you some more context, connection using a certificate is required in some B2B use cases…

Hi @Eric9,

Thanks for the additional context!

This item is currently in our backlog with no ETA. If you would like to provide more info on the required use cases I will gladly add it to the internal ticket. Thank you!