Integration of Certificate-Based Authentication with Azure AD

Feature: Integration of Certificate-Based Authentication with Azure AD.

Description: I propose that Auth0 introduces a feature allowing the use of certificates in place of client ID/secret for authenticating with Azure Active Directory. This method can enhance security by eliminating the need to store and manage sensitive credentials, reducing the risk of credential leakage.

Use-case: Many organizations are shifting towards certificate-based authentication as it offers a more secure and manageable approach compared to traditional secrets. By enabling this feature, Auth0 would cater to enterprises that require higher security standards and streamline their authentication processes, making it an attractive option for businesses integrating with Azure AD.

Why This Matters:
This feature will not only bolster security but also simplify the authentication process for organizations using Azure AD, making Auth0 a more versatile and secure platform for managing identity solutions.

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From the Microsoft Docs:

you should use certificate credentials for any of your applications that are running in production

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