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Connect with instagram not working

Hello, I am trying to test the instagram social connection but I cannot get it to work, I get a fairly useless message:

“Oops, an error occurred.”

from the url

Any idea of what I did wrong? I tested facebook login successfully, so something about my setup is working…

Can you share a bit more details about the flow, maybe a .HAR file? The “Oops” error suggests that comes from Auth0, but the URL domain says Instagram.
Note that you’ll need to remove any password from the .HAR file (if you are prompted to enter one). (488.2 KB)

I have attached a .har file. I did my best to remove all sensitive data from it, I hope I didnt cut too much of it…

I’m afraid you cut too much :slight_smile: I’m DMing you for details.

Having the same issue. (31.6 KB)

Same here. I’m making my first steps with Auth0. So far Facebook login was successful, but I’m stuck at Instagram Basic Display.