Configure default app scopes

When I setup Application and using it over Auth0 UI i let user SignUp… After login the user is promted to allow access to profile/email scope…

Can be this setup by default in app setting that my application have access to all registered users profile, email and openid ?

I have troubles to find this app default scopes in UI if they exist…

This is kind standard in OpenID to set app default scopes…

Can you point me to right place to skip showing this screen after user signup?

Thx for any help!


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The correct answer is probably this:

User consent and applications

Note that this option only allows verifiable first-party applications to skip consent at the moment. As localhost is never a verifiable first-party (because any malicious application may run on localhost for a user), Auth0 will always display the consent dialog for applications running on localhost regardless of whether they are marked as first-party applications. During development, you can work around this by modifying your /etc/hosts file to add an entry such as the following: myapp.example

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Thanks for following up with the solution on this one! :rocket:

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