Config cli no longer support a previously supported field

tenant.flags.new_universal_login_experience_enabled is now causing the deploy cli to reject my config. Issue was noticed on Tuesday 30th of May.

Exporting my config via the cli also no longer includes that flag in the yaml.

If this field has been dropped, what value am I supposed to use to control the which universal login is used?

Either way, pretty upset to have my setup broken like this. I have changes that I need to deploy and to do so, I either have to wait for you to fix this issue, or accept that there will be a gap in my config which is no longer controlled by the cli, neither of which are acceptable solutions to me.

Hi @alex.m,

I apologize for the frustrating experience.

It appears that flag was redundant and has been removed during a cleanup. You should be able to remove it safely.

Hope this helps!

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