Conditionally show sign-up link in React Native?

I’m using WebAuth in a React Native app and I need a way to conditionally show the Sign Up link. Ideally be able to do something like: auth0.webAuth.authorize({allowSignUp: true|false}). It’s ok if it’s just simply hiding the UI. What would be the best way to achieve this? Thanks!

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I’m looking for an answer to this question as well. App Review is rejecting my app because of the presence of the “sign up” link. They require implementing user deletion if you allow user registration. I’m only using sign up for existing users, and I don’t have time to implement self serve account deletion right now. So I need to have a way to allow sign in from React Native without any visible sign up link.

As a follow up, I found a solution to this problem. We can disable the sign up link on the login page for our mobile app by using Universal Login Page Templates and the following template:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    {%- auth0:head -%}
    {% if == "Your Mobile App Name Here" %}
      .ulp-alternate-action {
        display: none;
    {% endif %}
  <body class="_widget-auto-layout">
    {%- auth0:widget -%}

This may not be a permanent solution, since it relies on a CSS class name that could change in the future. But for now it’s working and should let us get approved by Apple app review.

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