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Conditional request for management API




In a concurrent environment, I need to update the “allowed callback origin” field in the client resource. I want to make sure I’m not overriding potential changes made between my GET and PATCH call. This kind of optimistic locking is usually implemented in a REST scenario with conditional requests as described here on MDN.

I was wondering if this is something the management API supports right now or will very soon. If not, do you know any other way of implementing optimistic locking with this API?


Since no one was able to help me here I contacted the support directly. I’m putting thi here for the record.

The gist of their answer is that there is not conditional request support. They argue that it shouldn’t be a problem since these APIs are typically not used in a highly concurrent scenario. I would disagree that’s a reason good enough to not care about optimistic locking but that’s all we have for now.


Hey there @jraoult-appraised! Thank you for relaying the response from our TSE team and I’m sorry we didn’t respond here in Community sooner.

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