Conditional Login, gather extra user data


  • Due to business requirements, we would need to be able to conditionally gather additional information from a user depending on which account logs in.

  • Allow some users to login using username/password (Example: user logs in successfully and enters application).

  • Require some users to login using username/password and then conditionally gather additional pieces of data, based on what group they are a part of. (Example: users successfully logged in, now require then to enter their favorite number to complete a valid login action).

  • Is this possible with Auth0? If so, how to implement, could I please get some guides/tutorials on this information? I have been unable to come across a customized conditional login experience such as this thus far in my searches across Auth0 forums.

Hi @ThomasAdams,

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You should be able to achieve this flow with Actions. Actions allow you to tap in to the login flow and run custom code for each transaction.

Specifically, a Redirect Action would allow you to send the user to an external site to collect information, then send them back to finish the login. This sounds similar to Understand How Progressive Profiling Works.