Community Github attention

There is a library that was ported to the auth0 community GitHub org – but is now being completely ignored. It’s OK to be an admin and pay attention to it, and it’s OK to let others outside be admins, but it’s supremely not OK to just let it die from lack of attention.

How do we determine who is responsible for things like making releases, approving PRs and generally paying attention to the open source software critical to your users?

I’m specifically referring to:

I’m trying to find additional information about that repository; to be honest, I only know that quickstarts/samples identified as maintained by the community have no associated commitment from Auth0 employees with regards to active development, however, not sure how we keep track if they get active development by community in general.

It doesn’t matter. This library is going to die. Auth0 is doing nothing – less than nothing, actually, since they won’t even release stuff that’s ready – and so it will die from lack of attention. It’s too bad, really, but I’ve already started looking around at other providers like Stormpath.

I’m not even trying to pretend that what you said can’t happen; the JS framework landscape is very volatile so it’s not feasible to formally support every single flavor. As I said before, I’m trying to confirm what’s the situation around that particular library to at least have an idea if at this time there is someone from the community committed to it (it does not seem to be). As a final note, I think sunsetting libraries is unavoidable sometimes; and not just libraries, you mention Stormpath and in that case they were acquired and even their API was shutdown.

oh, I don’t disagree. I’m just stating the obvious: it’s going to die, and it’s too bad.