Django: Do you recommend Python Social Auth

Maintainer of Python Social Auth has put following notice on their github page.


Development on the python-social-auth projects has been stagnated for a while, #445 was open a long time ago to discuss this matter and a plan (failed) was presented to fix the situation. For that reason, I’m opening the organization to new maintainers that will have the proper permissions to unstuck development.

Those willing to join, contact me by email with the subject [PSA Maintainer] <your name> and please let me know what motivates you to join in such role.

I’ve used authlib earlier and the community there seems to be very active. What do you guys suggest?

Hi @sasank.chilamkurthy,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I’d like to pass this on to the team who manages our Django quickstart. Where are you seeing this message?