Common Questions about User Profile

Introduction: Get answers to the most common questions about User Management User Profile

1. Can we remove the Username once the user profile is created?

Answer: It isn’t possible to remove the Username field once a user is imported. The only way to remove this field is to delete the user and then re-import them without the Username field.

2. How to block a user’s access to the application?

Answer: If we delete the blocked users, they could sign up again to regain access. Therefore, we only need to block the users without deleting them.

This article explains how to block a user.

3. How to unblock a user’s access to the application?

Answer: There are two ways to unblock a user:

  1. On the Management API, make a DELETE call with the endpoint /api/v2/user-blocks/{id}
  2. On the Auth0 dashboard. This article explains how to unblock a user.

4. How to retrieve the user profile details from the backend?

Answer: Use the Authentication API, make a GET request to the /userinfo endpoint.

5. If the /userinfo endpoint does not return user profile details, how to fix it?

Answer: when we run the GET /userinfo endpoint in the authentication API, it only returns the user id like “auth0|624b21de4a79520069d9cddd”

To solve this, when making the /authorize call such as from the Auth0 Authentication API debugger Extension, we need to pass profile in the Scope.