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Client ID and Secret for Management API

This question comes from a customer:

Hi, I can’t find where in your interface the clientId and clientSecret for the management API as described here: Can you point me to the correct part of your UI to get these for an API (not an Application). Thanks

The default Management API resides under “APIs” section, see below:

Note that Management API is a machine-to-machine application (also known as non-interactive application). This means, if you have authorised your application to consume Management API, then this will appear under “Machine to Machine Applications” tab, shown below:

Click on an authorised application, and from there, you will find the Client ID and Client Secret, shown below:

Alternatively, you can get the info from “Applications” tab (shown above), but make sure it is a machine-to-machine application and that it has been authorised by the Auth0 Management API.


Thanks a lot Eva for sharing it with the rest of community!

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