Classic universal login customization

Hi folks,

I’m implementing my customized login/signup page with Universal Login Classic Experience. I noticed that there is an available option called prefill which can help me prefill the email in page. My question is: is there any way to disable that field? I want to fill the input for the user and don’t want them to change it.

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Hey there @scott.liu welcome to the community!

Wanted to follow up on this and say that I am unaware of any way to both pre-fill the email (login_hint) and make it un-editable - Did you end up at the same conclusion?

Let us know either way!

Hi @tyf ,

There is no available option or api that can disable the input box as I know, only found prefill can be set for Auth0Lock. Me and my team decided to implement auth0 embedded login by ourselves.

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Thanks for confirming with the community!

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