checkSession always returns login_required after login

some of our users are experiencing an issue that they seem to be logged out right after they login via the Auth0’s Universal Login page.
After looked closely i saw that they get the following error after the checkSession function is called:
code: login_required,
description: Login required,
error: login_required,
error_description: Login required,
original: {
error: login_required,
error_description: Login required

After i checked the other threads about this topic i tested the google social connection and it seems ok.
example user that experience the problem:
“connection”: “Username-Password-Authentication”,
“provider”: “auth0”,
“user_id”: “5dd3b8939520700f27e5cf2b”,
“isSocial”: false

I am using the 9.11.3 version of the auth0-js package.
If you need more information, please let me know.
Thank you.


This error suggests that the session that is maintained via a cookie is either non-existent, or invalid. If this is happening intermittently than the user may have 3rd party cookies disabled. If it is happening consistently then it suggests to me that there may be a configuration issue.

Can you please DM me a HAR file of the transaction so I can investigate further?

In my case, the user didn’t disable 3ed party cookies, but after using custom domains, the problems was solved.

Great! Let us know if there is anything else you run into.

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